Approval granted for new temple construction at ISKCON of Philadelphia at 41 West Allens Lane

In mid-April of 2014, after several rounds of negotiations with the City of Philadelphia, ISKCON of Philadelphia was granted permission to construct a one story structure with a maximum size of 4800 square feet, and a basement. 


The new construction will be located between the two main buildings on the property where the dilapidated breezeway was situated prior to demolition. The ISKCON Board of Directors determined that simply repairing or reconstructing the breezeway would not be as beneficial long-term as building a new temple construction in its place, which would serve the growing needs of the congregation including:

  • Offering increased opportunities to serve the Lord
  • Supporting larger festivals for the community
  • Avoiding offenses of worshipping and eating in the same temple room
  • Placing the deities in the correct direction of North/East per scriptures
  • Having handicap access
  • Providing modernized restroom facilities

A copy of the approved schematic drawing is on display outside of the temple congregation office. There is a one-year window from the granting of initial permits by the city to the beginning of construction, otherwise the process would need to start again from scratch. Thus, your immediate support is greatly appreciated. 

To make a donation to the construction project, please visit our donations page.










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