Dear Donors,

With your donations, prayers and blessings we are nearing the end of Phase I construction. Phase I will be complete when the deities permanently move into the new temple room. Babish Soni and Jagannath Chandra Das will be bowing out of temple construction at that time. This was only possible due to our congregation’s trust, patience, support and contribution of financial and skill set resources

We had a blissful soft building opening celebration on June 16th. Over 400 devotees participated in that celebration.

As Phase I concludes, an independent Certified Professional Accountant (CPA) is auditing the construction’s final accounts to certify them and seal these accounts.

We have tallied the preliminary unaudited numbers below for your information. If you need to change your name for display in the new temple building, please email us at

We publish the final approved and audited report in these forums and advise you when they are ready for review.

The Rathayatra team had a Hare Krishna movie screening and successful fundraising event during our Snana Yatra last Sunday (July 15). We believe it is auspicious that such an event for the benefit of the older buildings could take place in the new building.

The energy and spirit of our congregation is unwavering, and we look forward to serving in these new spaces.


Your Construction Team


New Construction Donations


New Construction Expenses

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