The Bhagavad-gita describes a variety of yoga practices. Among them are Karma-yoga (the practice of conscious action), Jnana-yoga (the study of philosophy and contemplation) and Hatha-yoga (the practice of yoga-asanas and breathing exercises). The Gita ultimately prescribes bhakti yoga (the path of dedication and love); it is the culmination of these other yoga practices.  Bhakti Yoga focuses on developing our dedication, our service and our love for the supreme being, Krishna.

Mantra mediation is one of the key practices of a bhakti yogi. This is done through japa (quiet chanting on beads) and kirtan (musical chanting in groups). Our connection and relationship with Krishna is developed through the chanting of the maha mantra.  The chanting cleanses the heart, calms the mind, and inspires a life of purpose and meaning.


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